Grating – Ronchi Ruling 50 Lines Per mm . — 50mm X 50mm B270 Glass, 1.5mm Thick, Ruled Over 30mm Wide

Metallic grating pattern on glass squares with opaque lines approximately 50% of the pitch. Stock items are on 50mm x 50mm squares of glass 1.5 mm thick. The grating covers the entire plate with the exception of R25, R26 and R27, where the grating occupies a 30mm wide central strip. The glass is B270 with refractive index of 1.52.


  • Paired as light gates
  • Demonstrate interference patterns
  • Produce optical gradients

Mutually perpendicular pairs produce a screen of square apertures.

Vacuum deposited chrome gratings on glass substrate. Typically used for testing of resolution, field distortion and parfocal stability, but may be paired to provide interference patterns (fringe patterns) and as light gates.

  • 50 lines per mm Grating - Ronchi
  • 50 mm x 50 mm B270 glass 1.5 think
  • Ruled 30mm wide central strip.
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