Hard-Plus Resin-812

A newly formulated resin that enables the processing of specimens that have a tendency to wrinkle and be problematic.

In general, Hard Plus Resin-812 and its WPE numbers (weight per epoxide) do not vary much from batch to batch and it also has good stability under the electron beam and it stains well with heavy metals. Furthermore, the viscosity of the Hard-Plus Resin-812 is lower than the original Epon-812, making infiltration of the tissue more complete. For processing and embedding, it can be used exactly the same way as Epon-812, but normally, it is not necessary to use intermediate solvents, such as propylene oxide, hence, infiltration can immediately follow with absolute alcohol. Polymerization is normally at 60°C for 24 – 48 hours. Longer times or higher temperatures (70°C or more) will give a harder block.

For larger samples (>1 x 1 mm3) the use of a intermediate solvent is recommended.

Hard-Plus Resin-812 is supplied only as a premix kit. All components are pre-measured, and all you have to do is combine them in the right order and mix thoroughly.

Kit contains
  5 x 50 g Hard-Plus Resin-812
  5 x 50 g Hardener Hard-Plus
  5 x 2.5 mL Accelerator
  Hard-Plus Resin-812 Kit

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