Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer

Automated Slide Staining for Low Volume Labs.

Introducing Histo-Tek® SL, an automated slide stainer that offers a new level of convenience and standardization for low-volume labs.

The Histo-Tek® SL provides reliable automated slide staining with countertop convenience. Able to stain up to 100 slides per hour, the Histo-Tek® SL eliminates labor-intensive manual staining while standardizing the process for optimal quality and error reduction.

The Histo-Tek® SL features 15 programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps each for maximum flexibility. Protocols can be saved and shared across multiple devices via USB drive for complete slide staining standardization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stains ~100 slides per hour
  • Eliminates labor intensive hand staining
  • Smaller footprint fits most countertops
  • Standardizes the staining process for optimal quality error reduction
  • 22 Stain Reservoirs for many staining protocols
  • Bi-directional robotic arm allows for progressive and regressive staining protocols
  • Two plumbed rinse stations for wash flexibility
  • 30 slides per arm movement for small batch control
  • Charcoal filter or optional vent kit
  • 15 easily programmable staining protocols with 1-35 steps each for maximum staining flexibility
  • Optional special stain reservoirs
  • Save staining programs onto a USB drive for multiple Histo-Tek® SL Stainers
  • Tinted fume cover to protect from UV light


Dimensions Centimeters (W x D x H): 81 X 79 x 41
  Inches (W x D x H): 32 x 31 x 16
Weight 25 kg (55 lb)
Number of Stations 24
Dedicated Stations 1 unload station and 1 load station
Rinse Stations 2
Reagent Volume 350 ml
Number of Programs Up to 15
Steps in a Program Up to 35
Slide Baskets 30-count basket, 20-count basket, 10-count basket
SKU: 62669-90
Pack: Each
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Overseas *Not for sale overseas