Hybrislip Cover, 24mm X 40mm

Hybrislips™ - ideally suited for in situ hybridization, in situ PCR and hybridization to genomic arrays on glass slides.

HybriSlips™ are flexible, thin (0.25 mm) covers that minimize fluid friction and facilitate uniform reagent distribution. RNase free, hydrophobic covers will not trap or bind probes to their surfaces like coverglass. Product is ready-to-use without pretreatment. Working surfaces are protected with clean release liners to prevent RNase contamination. Hybrislips™ remain flat and will not curl, even at high temperatures.


  • RNase and DNase free
  • Hydrophobic
  • Disposable
  • Will not chip or break
  • Clear – stay flat
SKU: 70329-24C
Pack: 1000 Pack