Ilford Multigrade Rc Express Pf Paper

This is a direct replacement for the Kodak Polycontrast IV RC B&W Papers. Neutral tone – Variable contrast for high speed printing applications.

MULTIGRADE RC Express PF has the standard weight of (190g/m 2) with a resin coated base.

It is especially designed for high speed printing applications, where automatic and semiautomatic printers, printer-processors and minilabs are used.

  • Non-Developer Incorporated
  • Short Exposures, Cool Image Tone & Cool White Base
  • Recommended for high-Speed Printers and Murals
  • Glossy Surface
  • Available in Rolls only with Emulsion Wound Out (EWO)
  • Ilford 2000RT developer/replenisher & Ilford 2000RT fixer/replenisher are designed for machine processing
  • Ilford Mutigrade developer, Ilford Ilfostop-Pro stop bath and Ilford Rapid Fixer or Ilford Hypam Fixer are used for Dish/Tray processing.
  • Roll Size Inches x Feet: 8" x 250'
Supplier: Ilford Photo
SKU: 83024-08
Pack: 250 ft
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