Immersion Oil Type B

Which Type - Which Application?

Cargille PCB-Free Immersion oils were introduced in 1972. Today, no other immersion oil meets FDA criteria. Now four standard types are available with the introduction of Type NVH, a very high viscosity oil. All Cargille Immersion Oils meet DIN 58 884 (Deutsche Institut Fur Normung e.V.)

For Normal Light Microscopy

Types A & B, with viscosities of 150 and 1250cSt respectively, meet these requirements. The greater the gap between cover glass and objective, or condenser and slide, the more desirable high viscosity becomes. For extremely large gaps, type NVH should be used. All Cargille Immersion Oils can be blended for intermediate viscosities.

37°C Immersion Oils

A number of research projects require microscopic studies at internal body temperature. Since the index/temperature relationship is inverse, increasing temperature significantly reduces the index of the immersion oil and consequently the imagery deteriorates. This problem has been resolved by the formation of Cargille 37°C Immersion Oils, which have an index of 1.515 at 37°C.

Consideration of these oils is also suggested where stage temperatures are elevated by sub-stage illuminators and high wattage projection equipment.

Immersion Oil Type 300

Automated Hematology Systems: Use Type 300; Automated Hematology Systems depend on accurate, precisely controlled physical and optical properties of immersion oil for successful imaging and mechanical processing. Type 300 is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of this equipment, which include specialized viscosity and exacting controls for its consistency.

Immersion Oils Specifications

Immersion Oil Type B
Refractive Index : @23°C
  F Line (4861 A) 1.5236
  E Line (5461 A) 1.5180
  D Line (5893 A) 1.5150
  C Line (6563 A) 1.5115
  nF-nC 0.0119
  Abbe VD 43.2
  Abbe Ve 42.8
Temperature Coefficient (15-35°C) -0.00031
Stability (change in nD25°C after 24 hrs @ temp.)  
  at 60°C: 0
  at 100°C: 0
Fluorescence (1): Short UV: low
Fluorescence (1): Long UV: low
Color: (Gardner) 1
Viscosity:  cSt +/- 10% @ 23°C (centistokes) 1250
Density: @ 23°C g/cc: .923
Density: (US) lb/gal 7.70
Cloud Point: <-13°C
Flash Point: 325°F
Neutralization No.: (mg KOH/g) 0.01 max

Relative to Cedarwood Oil

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