Immersion Oil Type HF

Immersion Oils For Fluorescence Microscopy

After years of development and field testing, we now have available two new PCB-Free Immersion Oils for Fluorescence Microscopy.

* Immersion Oil Type HF

Type DF has been discontinued by Cargille. As an alternative we are offering either a new Immersion Oil called HF which would provide low fluorescence and the correct optical properties or you can use our FF which has virtually no fluorescence but slightly less than ideal optical properties.


Immersion Oil Type HF
Refractive Index @ 23°C:
  F Line (4861 A) 1.5234
  E Line (5461 A) 1.5180
  D Line (5893 A) 1.5150
  C Line (6563 A) 1.5117
  nF-nC 0.0118
  Abbe VD 43.8
  Abbe Ve 43.6
Temperature Coefficient
Stability (change in nD25°C after 24 hrs. @ temp.)
  at 60°C: +0.0001
  at 100°C: +0.0006
Fluorescence (1):  
  Short UV: very low
  Long UV: very low
Color: (Gardner) <1
Viscosity: +/-10% @ 23°C (centistokes) 700
  @ 23°C g/cc: .9306
  (US) lb/gal 7.77
Cloud Point: <2°C
Flash Point: >340°F
Neutralization No.: (mg KOH/gm) 0.03 max

*Relative to Cedarwood Oil

* 1 oz. Applicator bottles have a glass ball rod in the cap.

Storage Cat # Description MSDS Pack Price Quote Quantity
Storage:RT Cat #: 16915-01 Description: Immersion Oil Type HF Pack: 1 oz Price: $20.50 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 16915-04 Description: Immersion Oil Type HF Pack: 4 oz Price: $43.50 Add to Quote: