Immersion Oil Type FF

Immersion Oils For Fluorescence Microscopy

After years of development and field testing, we now have available two new PCB-Free Immersion Oils for Fluorescence Microscopy.

* Immersion Oil Type FF

Type FF has virtually no background fluorescence which makes it ideal for observing low levels of fluorescence. It is highly stable, water white, and non-hydroscopic. Type FF can be substituted for all other fluorescence microscopy immersion oils in nearly all fluorescence applications.


Immersion Oil Type FF
Refractive Index @ 23°C:
  F Line (4861 A) 1.4850
  E Line (5461 A) 1.4811
  D Line (5893 A) 1.4790
  C Line (6563 A) 1.4766
  nF-nC 0.0084
  Abbe VD 57.0
  Abbe Ve 56.5
Temperature Coefficient
Stability (change in nD25°C after 24 hrs. @ temp.)
  at 60°C: 0
  at 100°C: 0
Fluorescence (1):  
  Short UV: none
  Long UV: none
Color: (Gardner) <1
Viscosity: +/-10% @ 23°C (centistokes) 170
  @ 23°C g/cc: 0.877
  (US) lb/gal 7.32
Cloud Point: <-6°C
Flash Point: 420°F
Neutralization No.: (mg KOH/gm) 0.01 max

*Relative to Cedarwood Oil

Storage Cat # Description MSDS Pack Price Quote Quantity
Storage:RT Cat #: 16916-01 Description: Immersion Oil Type FF Pack: 1 oz Price: $19.00 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 16916-04 Description: Immersion Oil Type FF Pack: 4 oz Price: $42.00 Add to Quote: