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Immunogold Reagent Kits - EM Grade

Complete kits with the following characteristics

  • Two non-overlapping gold particle sizes
  • Coupled to: either Goat-anti-Rabbit and Goat-anti-Mouse IgG antibodies
  • Affinity purified and cross adsorbed antibodies
  • For use with rabbit and mouse monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies
  • Acetylated serum albumin with increased exposure of negative charges
  • Unparalleled low background levels

Covering over 90% of all applications in EM
For single and double labeling in Electron Microscopy

Benefits of our US-Kit

For EM

  • For the most sensitive labeling in electron microscopy
  • For the penetration in ultra thin cryosections resulting in enhanced detectability and sensitivity
  • New possibilities for pre-embedding labeling
  • For the labeling of at least 330 on-grid-specimens

For LM

  • Premium reagents for penetration in hydrated sections (paraffin, cryostat) and in slightly fixed cells
  • Permanent, non-fading silver signal
  • Most sensitive reagents compatible with counterstaining
  • For the immunolabeling of 200 slides

For Immunoblotting

  • Highest sensitivity
  • Black to brown/black signal suited for low level detection where colored precipitates fail
  • For the immunogold labeling of 10-20 nitrocellulose immunoblot strips

Aurion products are specifically designed to give optimum results when used in combination with each other. Aurion Immunogold Reagent Kits contain all you need to achieve the best immuno gold (silver) staining possible: blocking reagent, BSA-c (10%) buffer additive, the gold nanoparticle conjugated antibody and the silver enhancement reagents of your choice. The kits are available for all sizes of immuno gold conjugates.

Supplier: Aurion