INFINITY4-11 Large Format Cameras

The INFINITY4-11 camera series offers large format megapixel Kodak sensors for a wide field of view. The perfect choice for demanding high resolution imaging requiring excellent color rendition. Features include a 12-bit digital output, binning, progressive scan electronic shutter, full exposure control, auto white balance, programmable gain, sub-windowing and region of interest – ideal for high end ophthalmic, medical, clinical and life science applications.


  • 11 megapixel resolution
  • Superior light sensitivity with high fidelity color reproduction
  • Large format sensor
  • Low noise electronics
  • F-mount lens adapter


Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC, Live Cell Imaging, Histology, Pathology, Cytology, Defect Analysis, Semiconductor Inspection, Metrology, Gel Documentation, Moderate Light Fluorescence

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Cat #: 95114 Description: Lumenera Infinity 4-11 Camera Color Pack: Each Price: $10,377.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 95115 Description: Lumenera Infinity 4-11 Camera Monocrome Pack: Each Price: $10,377.50 Add to Quote: