JB-4 Plus® Embedding Kit

A water soluble embedding media which is based on Glycol Methacrylate (GMA) plastic embedding. It is intended for use in preparing samples for high resolution microscopes (HRLM). The catalyzed monomer acts as a dehydration and infiltration agent; therefore, complete dehydration through 100% ethanol is not necessary (although recommended for large or dense tissues). Conventional paraffin sections have a greater degree of shrinkage and produce inadequate morphology when compared to JB-4.

  • Thin sections (.5-2.0 micron) with excellent morphological structure preservation.
  • Water-clear blocks; casts in 90 minutes max. at room temp.
  • Good lipid and enzyme retention when processing at low temperatures (4°C).
  • Removal of JB-4 resin prior to staining is not necessary.
  • Clearing agents such as xylene and chloroform are not needed.
  • Higher clarity and contrast than with paraffin sections.
  • Easy processing of difficult specimens such as calcified bone and delicate embryonic tissue.
  • It produces harder blocks which is ideal for dense samples, such as bone.


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Produces less of an exothermic reaction than JB-4 which is good for temperature sensitive tissues.

14272-00 Kit consists

  • 500 ml Solution A
  • 15 ml Solution B
  • 8 g Benzoyl Peroxide Catalyst.
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