Kit - Lab-Sorb 16 Oz Jar Plus 25 Large Bags

Converts Liquid Waste to Solid Waste for Easy Disposal

Convenient – Includes extra durable disposal bags, super absorbant LabSorb granules and a convenient graduated scoop.

Prevents Spills – Reduces the possibility of accidentally spilling liquid waste in the lab. If spills do occur, use LabSorb for safe liquid containment during cleanup.*

Quick – Convert liquids to solids in seconds.

Adaptable – Apply to any volume of liquid waste including 500 ml, 600 ml, 1L and 2L vessels. jar of LabSorb can absorb up to 50 litres of liquid.

Versatile – LabSorb granules can rapidly absorb aqueous or mixed aqueous and organic solvent waste

Includes 16oz jar, 25 large bags.

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