Lacey Formvar Carbon - Au, 400 mesh, 150 micron

Lacey Formvar with Carbon Film

The continuous ultrathin film on lacey film allows for the thinnest support film that still has adequate strength to withstand specimen preparation. The film (less than 3 nm thick) lies across a carbon lacey film supported by a 200, 300, or 400 mesh grid. The size of the holes in the lacey film differ widely from batch to batch but are generally in the range of ¼ µm to 5 µm, which gives the equivalent support of at least 6000 mesh grid. Specimen material lying over the covered holes can be imaged in the TEM with practically no interference from the carbon film supporting it. This product is ideal for looking at nanotubes, virus particles and other small particulate material.

This formvar and carbon coated film on a broken pattern consists of woven-mesh-like openings of different sizes and shapes. This type of pattern provides support but does not interfere when observing specimen sections.

Thickness: 150 nm

SKU: LFC400-Au-150
Pack: 25 Pack
A: 400 mesh
B: 150 nm
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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Mesh 400
Material Gold