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The Electron Microscopy Sciences Precision Lapping and Polishing Fixtures are designed to accurately produce polished parallel, tapered or critically oriented samples with minimal sub-surface damage. A series of specialized fixtures has been developed for lapping and polishing samples up to 6" in diameter, TEM samples and oriented crystals. In addition to size and shape, the fixtures differ in the type of thickness control techniques they employ. The Lapping and Polishing Fixtures are designed to be used either by hand or with a lapping machine (Model 920 above). Sample Mounting Fixtures are also designed to be used in conjunction with these fixtures to ensure that the sample is mounted parallel to the mounting block and that a thin, uniform layer of wax exists between the mounting block and the sample.

Micrometer Controlled Fixtures

The micrometer method of thickness control employs a dial with 25 micron or finer graduations, that is adjusted relative to the outside support ring to set the amount of material to be removed. To set the dial, the sample is initially zeroed against the lapping plate and then the dial is adjusted to create a gap between the outside support ring and the center slide. This gap corresponds to the amount of material to be removed and gradually decreases, as the sample is lapped or polished, until the final thickness is reached. The load on the sample is varied by adding weights or finger pressure to the top of the fixture. Due to the ease of adjustment, a micrometer controlled fixture is generally used when desired sample thickness will vary from sample to sample.


  • Tungsten carbide base resists wear and maintains sample planarity
  • Wide base ensures stability thereby minimizing sample damage and edge rounding
  • Wear ring is replaceable on some fixtures, which extends the life of the fixture
  • Can be mounted in the Model 920 Lapping & Polishing Machine for semi-automatic processing
  • Micrometer depth control allows precise control over sample thickness
  • Precisely crafted stainless steel construction ensures long life and high precision
arrow11Model 145 Lapping and Polishing Fixture

This model accommodates up to a½" sample mount, which is held in place using a threaded draw rod and locating pin. This small, lightweight fixture is ideal for hand lapping or polishing of samples less than ½" in diameter.

arrow11Model 150 Lapping and Polishing Fixture

This model accommodates sample mounts up to 1" in diameter for both parallel and tapered samples. Angled blocks up to 45 degrees are available and are simply mounted in place of standard parallel mounts when tapered sections are desired. The mounting blocks from this fixture are directly transferable from any cutting saw. The Model 150 is for general-purpose fixture and is capable of lapping and polishing multiple small or large samples up to 1" in diameter.

Model Comparison

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Cat #: 50151-06 Description: Micrometer Dual Extension Pack: Each Price: $58.50 Add to Quote:
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