Lapping & Polishing Machine Model 910T

This model 910 is specially designed to provide all of the features required to obtain outstanding results using the EMS Polisher. The Polisher is designed for SEM cross sectioning and also for TEM wedge polishing preparation. For instance, TEM wedge polishing requires that the polishing wheel rotates at a constant speed with high torque at a very low RPM.

This combination of features is not found in standard grinders. Our model 910 provides all of the requirements that a Tripod Polisher needs. This includes the use of diamond lapping films and either colloidal silica or colloidal alumina suspensions. Plain backed diamond lapping film adhered to a glass plate by surface tension, and is easily removed for storage and re-use. Model 910 is also designed for ease of cleaning and disposal of abrasive debris.

  • Variable speed from 8 - 600 RPM
  • Solid, cast aluminum construction
  • Low speed, high torque rotation (makes it ideal for Tripod Polishing)
  • Vibration free, quiet operation
  • Stylish, tabletop design

Model 910 includes: Water and slurry delivery system, Aluminum lapping plate (includes O-ring #50122-30 for metal holding band), Metal holding band (for holding abrasive papers and polishing cloth, #50122-31), Glass plate, Dust cover, Hex wrench set

Accessories and replacement parts

Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 50122-02 Description: Lap And Polish Fixture Pack: Each Price: $0.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 50122-20 Description: 8” Diameter Pvc Lapping Plate Pack: Each Price: $0.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 50122-23 Description: Holding Band For Plain Back Paper Pack: Each Price: $0.00 Add to Quote: