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Leica Complete Ultraviolet (360 – 380Nm) Excitation

The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Fluorescence Adapter system can add a versatile fluorescence imaging capability to the Leica DVM6 digital microscope. The key elements of any fluorescence system are

  • a light source that produces sufficient energy in the appropriate wavelength range to excite fluorescence in the sample of interest
  • a barrier filter in the viewing path that blocks reflected excitation light while transmitting the fluorescence emitted by the sample

NIGHTSEA implements these for the Leica system with

  • high intensity LED light sources available in five excitation wavelength ranges (see list further down page)
  • emission barrier filters that attach to the DVM6 objectives easily and non-invasively

Comprehensive solution kit

We have configured a versatile DVM6 fluorescence adapter kit that includes the most useful excitation wavelengths for varied industry applications. The SFA-DVM6-IND kit includes the following items, at a package price that is less than purchasing the items separately

  • Three excitation light heads – Ultraviolet (UV), Violet (VI), and Royal Blue (RB)
    • This recommendation is based on our experience with varied applications
  • Three barrier filters and filter shields paired to the excitation light heads
  • Gooseneck lamp base with intensity control
  • Universal power supply 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz, with international plug set
  • Packing/carrying case with custom-cut foam

We offer additional wavelength sets that may be of use for other applications. See table below*

Why we recommend a set of three excitation wavelengths for industry needs

We have found that the combination of the Ultraviolet, Violet, and Royal Blue excitation/emission sets addresses a wide variety of industrial imaging challenges. The most common misconception we encounter is that fluorescence is uniquely associated with ultraviolet (UV) light and many customers immediately ask for that wavelength. However, we have found in several cases – even some in which UV was specifically recommended by a dye manufacturer – that either Violet or Royal Blue provided superior performance. For example

  • A prospective customer wanted to image concrete thin sections impregnated with fluorescent dye. The dye supplier recommended UV, and it is true that UV will make the dye fluoresce nicely. We found that our Royal Blue excitation produced significantly brighter fluorescence.
  • Similar to above, except that a fluorescence epoxy had been used to highlight surface cracks in a test sample. Royal Blue excitation yielded brighter fluorescence.
  • A prospective customer sent us a sample of material that was known to fluoresce under UV. The goal was to see the distribution of non-fluorescent particles in a fluorescent matrix. While both UV and Royal Blue excited fluorescence in the sample, the best imaging contrast was achieved with Violet excitation.

Acquiring the three-color system will provide the highest chance of success and will equip you with a versatile toolkit to address new fluorescence imaging challenges as they arise. Contact us if you would like to discuss your application further.

In addition to the Comprehensive Solution Kits, you can also purchase single-color full systems that provide everything you need to get started with one excitation/emission combination. Once you have a full system, additional wavelength sets can be ordered separately. These contain the new light head, microscope barrier filter, and barrier filter glasses.


Color Designation Excitation Emission
Ultraviolet UV 360 - 380nm 415nm longpass


Manufacturer: NIGHTSEA
Pack: Each
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Color Ultra Violet