LiveSlide® Living Slides

These innovative, optically clear microscope slides have proven to unmask rarely seen features of microorganisms.

A shallow reservoir confines them to a liquid depth not much larger than the depth of field of the microscope, yet deep enough to allow the microscopic animals to move about freely.

LiveSlide® Features

  • Uniform depth of large viewing well is 0.009"
  • Large viewing area has partitions to keep specimens in viewing area
  • Optically clear
  • Made of Makrolon® 2558 polycarbonate
  • Includes two reusable coverslips made of Makrofol®, 0.005" and 0.010"
  • Excellent impact resistance for safety indoors and outdoors
  • Both the base and the coverslips are reusable
  • Can be used as a traditional slide simply by flipping the base over
  • Can be used with traditional and digital microscopes
  • 100% made in the USA


• Pinnularia Diatom 400x
• Ostracod 100x
• Tardigrade (also known as water bear) 400x
• Copapod 400x
• Rotifer 400x

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