LKB 100 Grid Box

For years, The LKB Grid Storage Box is the one that everyone is looking for. Now it is available again from EMS. The box is made from ABS (a copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadien and Styrene) which will not tolerate temperatures above 70°C, while the lid is made of Polymethacrylate (Flexiglas®, Perspex®), which should not be exposed to temperatures above 45°C. Neither the box nor the lid will resist organic solvents.

The box consists of 100 diamond shaped holes for storing up to 100 EM grids, either 3.05 mm or 2.3 mm in diameter. The box measures 3" (75 mm) (L) x 2⅛" (55 mm) (W) x ¼" (7 mm) (H) and it comes complete with 10 index cards.

SKU: 71147-01
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