LM Kit Goat-Anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L) 2nm

AURION 2 nm Immuno Gold Reagents in the 2 nm kits are prepared using a monodisperse size population of 2 nm gold nanoparticles. Due to its small gold nanoparticle size, labeling density with AURION 2 nm Immuno Gold Reagents is significantly higher compared to particle density obtained with Conventional Immuno Gold Reagents. This makes the conjugated especially suited for detection of low copy numbers of antigen.

The AURION 2 nm kits are available in two versions: one for Light Microscopy and one for Electron Microscopy.

  • Monodisperse size population
  • Coefficient of variance < 15%
  • High labeling density
  • Suitable for low copy numbers of antigen
  • For pre- and post embedding
  • For light microscopy with Aurion R-Gent SE-LM
  • For electron microscopy with Aurion R-Gent SE-EM
  • Direct visualization in EM optional

The Immuno Gold Silver Staining kit for 2 nm reagents contains:

  • 1 small package vial of 2 nm Immuno Gold Reagent
  • 30 mL AURION BSA-cā„¢ (10%)
  • 60 mL AURION R-Gent SE-LM, silver enhancement reagents for Light Microscopy
  • 30 ml Blocking solution
Supplier: Aurion
SKU: 25550-71
Pack: Kit
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