LR Gold Resin

The London Resin Company's acrylic "LR Gold" offers the histochemist and immunocytochemist the advantage of working with unfixed tissues at low temperatures, thus allowing many fixation-sensitive procedures to be carried out in 1-4 microns resin sections at -25°C using visible light. It is non-toxic and has a low viscosity.

14370 Consists of:
  500 mL LR Gold Resin
  100 g Polyvinylpyrolidone
  50 g Benzoyl Peroxide
  50g Benzil

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Storage:RT Cat #: 14370 Description: Lr Gold Embedding Kit Pack: Kit Price: $454.50 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 14371 Description: Lr Gold Resin Only Pack: 500 mL Price: $251.00 Add to Quote: