Lr White Resin Hard Grade, Uncatalyzed

A very low viscosity (8 cps), non-toxic resin, suitable for both Light and Electron Microscopy.

LR White is a polar monomer polyhydroxylated acromatic acrylic resin. It can be cured by heat or by UV light. Sections of polymerized LR White resin are hydrophilic. This character allows immuno-cytochemistry reagents to easily penetrate into the sections and etching of the sections is not necessary (etching sections will effect delicate tissue antigens). LR White sections also show minimal non-specific staining. Its low viscosity makes it ideal for infiltrating decalcified bone and teeth as well as plant tissues. It is available in medium and hard grade.

Newman, G.R. (1987). Use and abuse of LR White. Histochem. J., 19:118
Newman, G.R. (1989). LR White embedding medium for colloidal gold methods. In: Colloidal Gold: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Vol.2 (Hayat, M.A., Ed.). Academic Press. San Diego and London

Kit consists of: 500 ml LR White Resin, 10 ml UV accelerator

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Pack: 500 mL
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