Lynx Process Accelerator (LPA)

One on the most time consuming tasks during Paraffin processing is wax infiltration. Not a step to cut corners on unless you want to deal with poorly infiltrated blocks. The Lynx-LPA was designed to allow a greater through-put of specimens without compromising the critical infiltration step. Once your initial tissues reach the first paraffin step you can transfer the cassette holder to the Lynx-Pal for vacuum infiltration while you un-burden the Lynx to start another process cycle.

The LPA has 3 positions to accept three HP cassette holder which conveniently uses the same Aluminum vial as the Lynx processor to contain paraffin. Each Aluminum vial is fitted with a platform to allow the stir-bar to circulate the melted wax.

Processing time can be set between 1 and 180 minutes in variable increments. Temperature can be set between 40 and 65°C in one degree C increments. Temperature is displayed in Deg C as a two digit number without any decimal point. The temperature accuracy at the sensor (and on the display) will be within ±2°C. Vacuum off time can be between 0 and 3 minutes in 1 minute increments. Vacuum cycle runs as on time followed by the off time where 0 on time implies that no vacuum is necessary and 0 off time implies that vacuum must be on continuously. During sample processing the vacuum is applied as per on and off time selection. If the processing is paused, the vacuum is released within 15 seconds. At the end of the cycle time, the vacuum continues to be cycled and temperature is held at the desired point.


Number of Paraffin Containers: 3
Temperature Range: 37° C - 75° C
Vacuum On Time: 0:30 To 3:00 (Min:Sec) in 30 second increments
Vacuum Off Time: 0:15 to 2:00 (min:sec) in 15 Second increments
Vacuum: Preset at factory, 5 (±2) PSI below ambient
Temperature Accuracy: ±2°C at the sensor at set point
Temperature Offset: -5 to +5°C
Process Time: 0:15 To 3:00 (hour:Min) in 15 minute increments
Stirring: Magnetic Stir Bar
Input Voltage: 100-230 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
Power: 150 Watts Max
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