MA827 TC LWD Planachromat Phase 20X objective


TC Plan Achromat Inverted Biological Microscope Epi-Fluorescence Objectives are made to the highest quality and optical standards, utilizing an Infinity Tube Lens Design F=200mm. N.A. 0.30, F.L. 20.0mm, W.D. 7.50mm. They are designed to meet the most advanced epi-fluorescence imaging requirements. These objectives offer increased brightness and the highest possible N.A. in their class for maximum light gathering ability. They are designed to correct lateral and axial chromatic aberrations over the entire field of view. These objectives produce images that are flat, crisp and clear with high contrast and optical resolution. These objectives work in a wide array of applications. The stated magnification is based on a tube lens of 200mm. DIN Standard mounting threads is 0.7965" (20.1MM) diameter threads, 36 TPI (Threads per inch), 55° Whitworth. These objectives are compatible with all Infinity Corrected Optical Systems.

Phase Objectives

MA827: TC LWD Planachromat Phase 20X objective ∞/1.0 N.A. 0.40, F.L. 10.0, W.D. 7.00


Model MT-B300
Type Brightfield/Phase Contrast/Epi-fluorescence
Installation Easy, no alignment, no calibration, and minimal assembly
Slide Capacity One slide
Objective Fixed 10X, 20X, 40X (replaceable)
Focusing Front manual control
Camera On-board built in USB 3.0, 1.3MP CMOS Digital Camera
Software Basler Pylon Software, easily downloaded, connects easily to any PC or laptop with a USB 3.0 connection.
Box Size 160 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 230 mm (H)
Weight ~17lbs


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