Magic Wand Carbon Peek Plastic Probes Kit

Magic wands are ideal for use for electronic high-tech areas to laboratories, from preparation of samples to applying adhesives, using it as a stirring rod, or even dosing samples, etc.

Probes are 6" (150 mm) long and available in three types of plastic.

High-performance plastic type CP

  • PEEK polyetheretherketone reinforced with carbon nano
  • Very hard, rigid, high tensile and flexural strength, very high wear resistance
  • High heat capability (260-300°C), good dimension stability, low thermal linear expansion coefficient
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive agents, excellent resistance to thermal aging
  • ESD-safe material 106 Ohm
  • Typical applications include handling of components in cleaning/chemical/assembly processes also at high temperature (soldering)
SKU: 63323-05
Pack: Each
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