Manual Rod Shaper For 3.05mm Ø Carbon Rods

The EMS 150T is a compact turbomolecular-pumped coating system suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin-film applications. The EMS 150T replaces previous the following models EMS 575X and EMS 950X.

The EMS 150T is available in three formats:

EMS 150T S — a high resolution sputter coater, suitable for oxidising and non-oxidising metals

EMS 150T E — a high vacuum carbon coater for SEM and TEM applications

EMS 150T ES — a high resolution sputter coater and high vacuum carbon evaporator

Key Features
  • Metal sputtering or carbon evaporation - or both – in one space saving design
  • Fine grain sputtering – for advanced high resolution FESEM applications
  • High vacuum turbo pumping – allows sputtering of a wide range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals – suitable for SEM, high resolution FESEM and also for many thin film applications
  • High vacuum carbon coating – ideal for SEM and TEM carbon coating applications
  • Advanced design carbon rod evaation gun – simple operation, reproducible results
  • Control of evaporation current profile – ensures consistently reproducible carbon films
  • Precise thickness control using the film thickness monitor option
  • Fully automatic touch screen control – rapid data input, simple operation
  • Multiple, customer defined coating schedules can be stored – ideal for multi-user laboratories
  • Automatic vacuum control, which can be preprogrammed to suit the process and material – no needle valve to adjust
  • “Intelligent” recognition system – automatically detects the type of coating insert fitted
  • Easy-to-change, drop-in style specimen stages (rotation stage as standard)
  • Vacuum shutdown feature – leaves the process chamber under vacuum when not in use – improved vacuum performance
  • Thick film capabilities – up to 60 minutes sputtering time without breaking vacuum
  • Ergonomic one piece molded case – easy maintenance and service access
  • Ethernet with local FTP server connection – simple programmer updates
  • Power factor correction – complies with current legislation (CE Certification) – efficient use of power means reduced
Ideal for SEM, high resolution FESEM and TEM applications

EMS150T is available in three formats: sputtering, carbon evaporation or both. Depending upon the selected configuration, the EMS 150T can be a top-of-the-range sputter coater for high resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM), a carbon coater suitable for SEM and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), or both, in a single easy to use system.

The ability of the EMS150T to rapidly sputter a wide selection of oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals also makes it an ideal platform for many thin film applications.

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