Cargille Meltmount™ (optical quality) is a series of mounting media which are specifically formulated for use in microscope slide mounting and in other optical coupling applications.

Meltmount™ Features:

  • Instant thermal mountants that require "no-oven-time"
  • 100% Usable; contains no solvents
  • Reversible, thermally, for particle retrieval or re-orientation
  • Soluble in toluene for special techniques or clean-up
  • Fluid at 65°C, a temperature chosen because it makes a permanent mount and protects the majority of specimens from thermal changes
  • PCB-Free
  • It is a direct replacement for old mounting mediums (Canada Balsam, Aroclor 5442, Naphrax...)

Quick-Stick™ Form

Melt Mount is also available in a Quick-Stick™ form which can be used to make permanent microscope slide mounts quickly. These Melt Mount sticks can be applied to a slide on a hotplate. As soon as the specimen and coverglass are positioned and the slide is cooled you have a permanent prepared slide that can be reversed by reheating, if you should wish to retrieve a particular particle. Each Quick-Stick™ weighs approximately 2/3 oz. (18g).

 Meltmount™ 1.539

Has a refractive index (nD @ 25°C) of 1.539 and an Abbe V dispersion of 45. Its optically similar to Canada Balsam and therefore ideal for mounting many biological specimens but without the long drying time of Canada Balsam.

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