MEM-96 Grid Storage Box

A newly designed Grid Box with safety, ease and convenience in mind – This multipurpose electron microscope specimen grid box is one of the most desirable boxes on the market


  • Eliminates the chances of tweezer insertion damaging the grids – The "tweezers slot" and "grid slot" are in a separate location. The tweezers are only able to grip the edge of the grid enabling it to be picked up
  • Grids stored no longer jump out of the box while you remove the cover – Between the body of the box and the sliding lid, there is a separate plastic cover, which allows for only four slots being exposed at a time.
  • The Grid Record Card is stored safely by insertion along on the reverse side of the box
  • MEM-96 – will able to store up to 96 grids
  • Measures: 81 mm (L) x 54 mm (W) x 6 mm Thick
SKU: 71164-01
Pack: Each