Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Scope

Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Scope is a complete solution with a digital C-Mount Wi-Fi Camera (Cat. #92111) that allows you to wirelessly digitalize any traditional optical device in seconds. Compatible with all optical microscopes, the Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Scope digitalizes images and takes measurements and photos from your standard optical device using your tablet, smartphone or PC, with dedicated App and Software. The images can be displayed on different devices simultaneously. It is a very useful accessory for optical microscopes.

Kit includes Cat. #92111 Wi-Fi Camera, Cat. #92113 Lens & Adapters andCat. #92114 Spacer Rings.


Photo & Video Resolution 1.30 mp – 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
Frame Rate up to 30 fps
Camera Sensor CMOS ΒΌ"
Lens High Definition Microscopy Lens
Wi-Fi Transmission Distance up to 5 m
Frequency Range 2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz
PC interface USB 2.0
Mini USB Cable 1.2 m
Dimensions 36 mm (Diameter) x 75 mm (Length)
Power consumption Max 2.5W
Li-ion Battery Continuous Working Time: Approx 2 Hours
Full Charging Time: Approx 2 Hours
Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 92109 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Scope Pack: Each Price: $571.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 92110 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Scope 5 Pack: Each Price: $711.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 92111 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Eye Pack: Each Price: $408.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 92112 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Eye 5 Pack: Each Price: $548.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 92113 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek Adapters and Lens Pack: Each Price: $140.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 92114 Description: Mic-Fi / Visio-tek C-Mount Rings Pack: 3 Pack Price: $33.00 Add to Quote: