Micro-Bed Resin

Micro-Bed resin is a newly developed water-soluble resin which is a mixture of acrylate and polyester resins. It is a very universal embedding medium and may be used for either light or electron microscopy.

Due to its non-crosslinking characteristics, its hydrophilic nature, and roughness of its section surface, our Micro-Bed Resin is excellent in preserving tissue structure, offers good results in immunolabeling, and stands up well to conventional stains.

In light microscopy, tissues were stained with conventional histological stains (e.g.,hematoxylin-eosin) and embedded in Micro-Bed: the results were comparable with those provided on paraffin embedded tissues. Further, polychrome silver-based and cytochemical stains (e.g.,PAS) were also feasible. In transmission electron microscopy, images as good as those obtained with similar acrylic resins, (e.g., Lowicryl K4M), were obtained.

Micro-Bed is supplied as a single component-ready to use pre-mixed resin. Micro-Bed can be polymerized in either EMS embedding capsules or gelatin capsules by either heat(55-65°C) or UV (wavelength 365 nm) light at low temperatures (-10 to 20°C) for 72 hours.

Scala C. et al.(1992). Development of a new acrylic resin ideally suited for light and electron microscopy. Electron Microscopy. Volume 3.EUREM 92, Granada, Spain. pg. 271

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