Micro-Slide Field Finder, 75 X 25 mm

Marking a microscope slide to identify a particular field of interest for future reference has always been a difficult problem for many microscopists.

The Field Finder has a precision rectangular-coordinate grid pattern, which is accurately positioned on a special microscope slide. The slide has been carefully edge ground to provide straight edges and square corners to ensure repeatable results.

Lovins Micros-Slide Field Finder helps you to index points of interest on a microscope slide the same way you find them on a road map. A standard 75 x 25 mm glass slide has a photo etched grid pattern of 1 mm squares, subdivided into 0.1 mm intervals. Each square is marked with a letter and a number. You center the detail in the field of the microscope, replace the specimen slide with the field finder, and read the coordinates. Note reading on slide, and you can find that detail immediately by reversing procedure.

The pattern is imaged in vacuum deposited chrome for durability.

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