MicroMounts, aperture 150µm, pin 11mm

MicroMounts™ are the highest performance tools for manipulating and mounting protein crystals, virus crystals, and small molecule/inorganic crystals, as well as all other small, fragile samples. They are ideal for both conventional and high-throughput X-ray crystallography applications.

MicroMounts™ consist of: A thin (7.5µm thick) micro-fabricated polyimide film, attached to a solid non-magnetic stainless steel pin. Film is wrapped around the steel pin; provides excellent stiffness and convenient scoop-like action in retrieving and handling crystals.

Film Pattern:

Crystal Aperture (A) sizes from 10 to 600µm, with minimal (B) width around the aperture to minimize background scatter in all orientations.

Wicking Hole (C) connected via drainage channel D to the crystal aperture. Hole size is compatible with size 15 or XF paper wicks. This ‘fountain-pen’-like design, allows easier removal of excess liquid, without touching the crystals with the wick.

Alignment cross (E) located a fixed distance from the center of the crystal aperture. Allow easy automated alignment of the crystal aperture (A)

Crystal aperture size code (F) around the alignment cross, allows automated recognition of Mount design, aperture, and crystal size, which determines boundaries of aperture (to be avoided), required alignment tolerance, ad area of crystal available to be scanned for optimum diffraction. Initial beam size can then be automatically selected.

Aperture size (G) in µm can be read directly off the mount.

Orientation mark (H) allows the front and back of the mount to be automatically distinguished.

Solid 316 non-magnetic stainless steel pins. Pin is available in four standard lengths: 11 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, and SPINE. The 11, 19, and 25 mm pin lengths, give pin base-to-crystal center distance compatible to those of nylon loops mounted on 10, 18 and 24 mm pins, respectively.

This solid pin will not suck up crystal and liquid. Pin is beveled at film end, allows good visibility of the crystals for wide range of pin orientation during crystal retrieval. Pin can be cut (with cutter pliers) to any desired   length, or can be bent to place crystal in desired orientation. Pin is fitted to all standard bases.


  • Easy manipulating and mounting of crystals from 700µm to less than 5µm.
  • Rigid yet thin construction
  • Convenient scoop-like design
  • Gold hue – good mount crystal contrast
  • Ideal for use at microfocus beamlines
  • Completely non-magnetic
  • Complete optimization of cryoprotection and flash cooling
  • Low Thermal mass – rapid cooling
  • Crystal aperture can be matched to crystal size and shape
  • Easy removal of excess liquid
  • Fully compatible with existing crystal mounting hardware

Assortment boxes:

We recommend initially ordering of any assortment apertures listed below, so you can match the amount aperture to the size of your crystal. Then you order the size you use the most. You can choose pin lengths from 11, 19, 25, or SPINE. These pin pins can be cut to a desired length (using cutter pliers) or bent to your orientation.

  • Small (A1), includes: 10, 20, 30 and 40 µm apertures
  • Medium (A2), includes: 75, 150, and 200 µm apertures
  • Large (A3), includes: 300, 400, 500, and 600 µm apertures

Individual MicroMount™

Each box contains 20 MicroMount™ with your choice of size and pin length.

In general, we recommend ordering our 19 mm or SPINE length pins. If you like copper post style goniometer bases and have been using 10 or 11 m pins with them, consider our B3 copper post base which accepts full 19 mm length pins.

SKU: 60121-11
Pack: 20 Pack