Microporous G-Flat 0.5 Micron Membrane Chips (High Porosity)

Nanoporous, Microporous and Microslit

Our Porous Membrane Chips are available in a range of membrane types and pore sizes and shapes to suit a variety of applications.


  • Nanoporous Silicon Nitride – Proprietary membranes that are 100 nm thick that have average 50 nm diameter pores and 20% porosity, with one, two or four membrane/chip formats, with high-resolution imaging and separation properties.
  • Microporous Silicon Nitride – Robust membranes that are 400 nm thick and have either 0.5, 3 or 8 µm diameter pores and high (20%) porosity, suitable for more demanding applications.
  • Microslit Silicon Nitride – Novel rectangular prism-shaped pores in robust 400 nm thick silicon nitride membranes with 10% porosity, suitable for separation applications.
  • G-FLAT™ Silicon Oxide – Proprietary and optically transparent membranes for high-resolution imaging applications, available with either 0.5, 3, 5 or 8 µm diameter pores and low (5%) or high (20%) porosity.
  • Plasma Compatible – All of our Porous Membrane Chips can be treated with oxygen or oxygen-argon plasma for surface activation and/or removal of any organic contamination.
  • Device Integration – Our Porous Membrane Chips can be easily integrated into microfluidic-type applications where suspension of materials of interest across a permeable and transparent membrane is desired.
  • Ultrathin Membranes – Flat, uniformly deposited films and 100 nm to 400 nm thick suspended membranes provide consistent backgrounds with low field-to-field variability and high optical transparency.
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