MiniQS Entry-Level Sputter Coater

Quick Overview 
The MiniQS is ideal for the budget-conscious user who also demands reproducible results in an easy-to-use instrument. The MiniQS uses a Magnetron sputtering head with an easily replaceable disc target. 


  • Sputter head is hinged for easy operation  
  • Fitted with safety interlocks  
  • Detachable chamber with implosion guard and top-plate, allowing for easy cleaning 
  • Pre-set profiles with single touch operation 
  • Automatic operation with minimal user intervention required 
  • Compact size; ideal for use with benchtop SEMs 
  • Range of noble target options to suit majority of applications including forensics  
  • Possibility of coating samples up to 50 mm diameter 

The MiniQS meets UK and European (CE) industry standards, including LVD, EMC and RoHS. Vacuum interlocks remove power from deposition sources to prevent users being exposed to high-voltage. 


  • Table-top SEM coating
  • Low and medium magnifications

These products are for Research Use Only.


Instrument Dimensions  225 mm W x 420 mm D x 480 mm H x 470 mm (total height with coating  head open)  
Weight 8.7kg 
Sputter Target  Disk-style 57 mm dia. 0.1mm thick gold (Au) target is included in the accessory pack. Gold/palladium (Au/Pd) and silver (Ag) target  options available.  
Specimen Stage  50 mm dia. stage 
Vacuum (two options available) Long Pipe Option: Suitable for placing rotary pump on the floor 
  (1.5m KF16 stainless steel, average pump down 31.57 sec.) 
  Short Pipe Option: Suitable for pump to be housed on bench or  below bench (0.7m Armorvin hose, average pump down 53.60 sec.) 


Pack: Each
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