Model 180 XTEM Prep Kit

Produce High-Quality Cross Sections

The Model 180 XTEM Prep Kit is designed to produce controlled cross-section TEM (XTEM) specimens using rectangular wafers obtained from the area of interest of the bulk material.


  • Fabricate precise cross-section specimens for transmission electron microscopy
  • Aligns areas and interface of interest
  • Produces specimens with a high level of mechanical integrity
  • Produces consistent glue layer thickness
  • Stacks and holds cross-section specimens
  • Resulting stacks are readily cut by our Model 170 Ultrasonic Disk Cutter

Align Interface of Interest

For the study of interfaces by transmission electron microscopy, it is critical to align the interface of interest parallel to the incident electron beam. One method for preparing such samples is to fabricate cross-section specimens. Typical cross-section specimens include composite materials, semiconductor devices (which often have multiple layers and thus multiple interfaces), and specimens with thin film layers.

XTEM SpecimenXTEM specimen consisting of Co/Ru multilayers and a Ru buffer layer deposited by CVD on a sapphire substrate. Ion milling was conducted at a voltage of 4 kV, a current of 4 mA, and an incident milling angle of 7°.
Image courtesy of K. Hono and D.H. Ping, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Fabricate Precise Cross-Section TEM Specimens

The XTEM Prep Kit makes it easy to stack and bond these wafers together. A small amount of vacuum-compatible epoxy is placed between each wafer. The wafers are then held in place by a vise assembly to produce a consistent epoxy layer thickness. The wafer stick is then cored with the ultrasonic disk cutter, and then inserted into brass tubes for subsequent sectioning into self-supported 3 mm diameter disk specimens.

By sectioning the sample and adhering together several layers, each containing an interface of interest, significant amounts of information can be obtained from one specimen. The Model 170 Ultrasonic Disk Cutter is equiped with all the components required to produce high-quality cross-section specimens for transmission electron microscopy (TEM).


  • (1 each) Titanium Tool; 2.3 mm Diameter Disk
  • (1 each) Titanium Tool; 4 mm x 5 mm Rectangular
  • (1 each) Slice holder, 2 mm x 3 mm Rectangular
  • (1 each) Slice holder, 4 mm x 5 mm Rectangular
  • (3 each) Mixing dish
  • (1 each) Stack Mounting Plate Assembly
  • (2 each) PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Mold
  • (1 each) Spring-Type Vise Assembly
  • (1 each) Glue Sticks; Crystalbond™ Adhesive, 12/pk
  • (1 each) Brass tubes, 12/pk


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