Model 409 Labmailer

Maximum breakage protection for known non-hazadous blood, serum, tissue, and other specimens. Accommodates  VacuTainer®  Microtainer® and other collection / transport tubes. Available in multi-tube, slide, and tube / slide combinations Lightweight polystyrene foam construction saves postage. Reusable and recyclable.  

VacuTainer® and Microtainer® are trademarks of Becton Dickenson.
ThermoSafe® is a trademark of Tegrant Corporation, ThermoSafe Brands.

Holds Tube/Slide Specifications Tube Capacity ml Mailing Sleeve
Model Tubes Slides Tube Vol ml Tube mm
409 5 N/A 7,10,
15, 25
170 x 16 410
SKU: 61515-09
Pack: 10 Pack
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