Model 472 Mailing Systems

These ready-to-use combination/triple packaging kit, have been tested and certified for transport of diagnostic shipments as defined by the applicable regulations, in compliance with IATA Packaging Instruction 650, US, Postal Service and DOT regulations.

Each kit includes:

  • approved 10 ml specimen tubes
  • leak-resistant foam shippers that secure and protect 95 kPa-certified specimen tubes
  • absorbent material – sufficient to absorb complete contents of approved primary receptacles filled with blood
  • waterproof tape
  • leak-proof pressure-lock poly bag
  • corrugated shipping carton
  • UN3373 Biological Substance label and step-by-step instruction sheet.

Outer dimensions: 10½" x 5⅝" x 3"

SKU: 61510-72
Pack: 8 x 10 mL