Morphology Stage Micrometer, Model Iam-1, T/L, Calibrated Only Plates 1, 2 & 8

Vision Calibration Standards

We are proud to introduce the first complete and true line of Image Analysis Microscopy Calibration Standards, specially designed to address the current needs of the new generation of image analysis and machine vision systems. These unique standards are designed to test multiple morphometric parameters to assure that your image analysis system is working properly; meeting the required calibration and certification requirements of your vision measurement systems.

We offer Chrome-on-Glass (G) and Chrome-on-Opal glass (O) or Chrome on Quartz (Q). The Opal and Quartz are offered by request only as a custom.

P: positive image (mostly clear or white); N: negative image (mostly opaque or black).

Model IAM-1

Morphometric Image Analysis Standards

Ideally for morphological calibration where two dimensional shapes have to be measured precisely. Standard includes a set of eight test plates of various shapes, positions, angles and sizes. It also includes a linear measurement scale for calibrating your imaging system. Overall size: 1" x 3" (25 mm x 75 mm). Positive image/Chrome on glass (PG).


Plate Frame Size Description
1 4,600 x 3,500µm Circles – 2,000, 1,000, 500 & 250 µm diameters
2 1,000 x 800 µm Circles – 500, 250, 125 & 62.5 µm diameters
3 1,000 x 800 µm Bars – 200 x 20 µm at 30° increments
4 1,000 x 800 µm Various Shapes, Circles, Bars & Angular designs
5 1,000 x 800 µm Squares – 100, 40, 20 µm set of 2 each.
6 2,050 x 1,650 µm Grid Patterns – 50 µm lines at 100 µm pitch
7 4,200 x 3,400 µm Grid Patterns – 200 µm lines at 200 µm pitch
8 10 mm long Scale with 10 µm divisions
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