MRI Maui Lab Island 2 Foot Lab Cart

White Polyethylene MRI Maui Lab Island 2 Foot Lab Cart offers flexible storage. It is constructed from white, nonferrous, durable, resistant, high density polyethylene and is designed for those who need a large amount of storage and workspace many carts don’t offer. The integrated locking mechanism can be locked with the use of a padlock (not included) that keeps the tambour door securely locked in place until the lock is disengaged allowing the door to roll up and into the cart. Inside the MRI Cayman features a generous amount of storage space with a built-in shelf that lets you keep the supplies that you use most closest to your reach. Even fully loaded, the MRI Cayman can be easily maneuvered by one person with the aid of its 5 inch casters. Also available in a standard version (with metal).

  • 2 feet by 2 feet cart or rolling cabinet; 2 completely separate, easy-to-raise, space-saving roll top door
  • White high density polyethylene and ABS construction; cleans with soap and water, bleach or mild solvents
  • Nonferrous lockable 1 fixed shelf, top is one piece, 5 inch non marking casters, 2 locking
  • Perfect for use in MRI areas and other situations MR Conditional certifications are required
  • Measures: 24 x 36 x 24 inches (width, height, depth); 73 pounds
SKU: 64386-40
Pack: Each