Netwell™ Reagent Tray, White

A modular and disposable system which can be used for the following procedures

  • The handling and processing of tissue slices
  • In immunocytochemical staining
  • In 3-dimensional tissue culture
  • In explant tissue culture

Home made devices are no longer necessary. These tissue processing wells are ready to fill all of your needs with the added convenience of being able to process up to 12 tissue specimens at one time (with one unit).

Netwell™ Reagent Tray

Thermo-formed polystyrene. Holds 150 ml of reagent solution. Netwells are trans-ferred to the reagent tray by the Carrier kit, where fixing and staining is performed. Reagent trays are available in white for colorimetric reaction contrast, and in black for better visibility of tissue sections.

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Pack: 10 Case
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