No 1, 0.13-0.16mm Hydrophobic, 18 mm dia.

D 263® M Cover Glass for Microscopy

D 263®M is a clear borosilicate glass that is produced by a draw-down method. This permits the production of very thin glass thicknesses between 0.10 and 0.21 mm.

D 263®M is used as cover glass for microscopic analyses and complies to all requirements of ISO 8255-1. Its low autofluorescence and high chemical resistance are preconditions for reliable research results.

Due to the protective coating and outstanding quality of material it is easily separable, and therefore well-suited for automated cover slipping.

Applications: Light and fluorescence microscopy, especially in medical and biological science.


  • High spectral transmission
  • Refractive index optimized for microscopes
  • Virtually colorless
  • Low autofluorescence
  • Excellent optical and cosmetic qualities
  • Good chemical resistance to environmental conditions
  • Long durability in archived samples
  • Low flatness deviations
  • Complies precisely with set thickness tolerances
  • Low alkali content enables cell growth
  • Good wettability on both glass surfaces
  • Protective coating facilitates automated glass separation in coverslippers


Light Transmission T vD65 (d= 0.15 mm) 91.7%
Coefficient of Mean Linear Thermal Expansion
α (20 °C, 300°C)(static measurement)
2.2 • 10-6 K-1
Transformation Temperature Tg 557°C
Dielectric Constant εr at 1 MHz 6.7
Refractive Index no 1.5230
Refractive Index ne 1.5255
Abbe Value ve 55
Density ρ (annealed at 40°C/h) 2.51 g/cm3

Marienfeld Superior™ cover glass features excellent flatness and smooth surfaces using the highest quality borosilicate glass. Even when archived for years, preparations keep their optical quality thanks to noncorroding glass and the particularly low tolerance of the material thickness. Precise machining processes ensure that these coverslips are precisely cut and sized, with stringent, integrated quality control.

  • Ready for use and non-sticking for application in automated coverslippers
  • Made of chemically resistant borosilicate glass D 263®M of the first hydrolytic class
  • Absolutely colorless, perfectly clear, suitable for fluorescence microscopy
  • In compliance with DIN ISO 8255
  • For in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications according to IVD directive 98/79/EC, with CE-mark and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability
  • Super-hydrophobic surfaces on both sides.
  • Two-part plastic boxes containing 100 pieces.
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