Nunc Coverglass, Cc2, Black, 30/Pk

The NUNC™ Coverglass Optical Bottom 96- and 384- Well Plates have the same quality design of existing NUNC well products, plus an optically clear polystyrene plate bottom. This clear base permits microscopic viewing and reading of well

The plate's upper structure is offered in black (for fluorometric detection)

96 Well Optical Bottom Plates Polystyrene/Coverglass

Sterile. External dimensions 128 x 86 mm


  • Black upper structure with #1.5 borosilicate coverglass
  • Minimum light scatter and low autofluorescence
  • Optical clarity for viewing well contents
  • Flat bottom well geometry for plate reader access
  • Footprint compatible with standard equipment and automated systems
  • CC2™ surface modification closely mimics Poly-D-Lysine and it superior for attachment and growth of fastidious cells
  • Non-treated plates are optimized for fluorescence
  • Sterile for cell culture
  • Working range: 50-200 µl/well
Plate total height 14.9 mm
H2 Vertical distance from inside well bottom to resting plane. 2.5 mm
H3 Inside depth of well 12.2 mm
H4 Coverglass thickness 0.19 mm
H5 Height of flange 6.2 mm
Well diameter 6.5 mm
Total Vol. µl/well 400

Black upper structure with #1.5 borosilicate coverglass. Sterile with lid. CC2 surface is superior for attachment and mimics Poly-D-Lysine.

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Pack: 30 Case
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