OmniStor Blubox Inserts

Economical and durable storage for Supa Mega slides and blocks.

  • Constructed from corrosion-protected steel.
  • Stackable, featuring the "EasyLock" system which allows cabinets to be stacked securely without removing drawers, screw plates, or fasteners.
  • Heavy-duty Static Base or Lockable Wheeled Base supports up to 10 cabinets.
  • OmniStor t-cards included.
  • May also be used with Held Secure™ In/Out Cards and Slide Index Cards.

OmniStor 2 Block/Slide Cabinet

When used to store microscope slides, one BluBox tray is inverted to form an interlocking lid.

Includes BluBox Inserts, which can be utilized as-is for long-term storage when no longer needed for immediate reference.
Dimensions: 635 mm x 540 mm x 185 mm.

OmniStor BluBox

  • Made from high-density polystyrene.
  • Moisture resistant and fire retardant.
  • Stackable and interlockable.
  • Average capacity: 1500 slides and 460 blocks.
  • Dimensions:450 mm x 225 mm x 65 mm (L x W x H)

Omnistore 15 OmniStor 15 Slide Cabinet

  • Features a newly-designed runner system at the bottom of the drawer rather than the side, making room for a 15th drawer and increasing storage capacity by 7%.
  • Average capacity: 4500 slides.
  • Dimensions: 484 mm x 484 mm x 150 mm (L x W x H)

OmniStor Supa Mega CabinetOmniStor Supa Mega Cabinet

  • Drawers have a built-in safety stop.
  • Fitted with one standard-size drawer and 7 Supa Mega sized drawers.
  • Each drawer can hold 30 Supa Mega cassettes or approximately 260 Supa Mega unmounted slides.
  • Dimension: 484 mm x 484 mm x 126 mm (L x W x H)

Cabinet BaseOmniStor Cabinet Base

  • Supports up to 10 OmniStor cabinets.
  • Available with or without locking wheels.
  • Compatible with all industry-standard cabinets.

Made from high density polystylene, moisture resistant and fire retardant. Stackable and interlockable with a averge capcity of 1500 slides aand 460 blocks.

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