Paramat and Paramat Extra

Paramat is the original British blend of paraffin wax and plastic polymers and it has been used in histology labs throughout the world for over 20 years. It has been found that when plastic polymers are added to the paraffin the elasticity of the final block is greater as compared with paraffin alone. As well the mixture offers improved tissue penetration, easier ribboning of sections, reduced tendency to crumble, and improved overall results with fibrous tissue.

A recent development to Paramat is the addition of a very small amount of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) which produces PARAMAT EXTRA. This formulation offers additional advantages, such as faster penetration of the tissue with a more homogeneous matrix to support the specimen.

Technical Information

  • Appearance: Milky-white, pastilles
  • Crystalline Structure under the microscope: Needles & Platelets
  • Effect of heating (@60°C/100g): Clear melt within max. 16 hrs
  • Solubility in Xylene (@20°C/1g in 50 ml): Clear solution within max. 16 hrs
  • Cutting results for 4*m sections: Over 75% usable single; over 65% usable serial
  • Solubility in Xylene (section): Max. 45 sec
  • Melting Point: 56-58°C
  • Solidification Point: 58-56°C
  • Tears and Vascuoles: None
  • Adhesion of sections Very good; protein, to microscope slides: glycerol etc. is not required to hold the section in place
  • Free acid content: Max. 0.01%
  • Block Structure: No mottling, no shrinking
  • Block Solidification (room Temperature): About 2 hrs
  • DMSO content (Paramat Extra-only): Less than 0.1%
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