Petri Dishes, PS, Sterile

Our 60 x 15mm petri dishes are manufactured from virgin crystal grade polystyrene, giving the dishes excellent optical clarity. Dishes are sterilized by electron beam irradiation.

  • Manufactured from virgin crystal grade polystyrene 
  • Sterilized by electron beam irradiation 
  • Optimal flatness provides ideal surface for uniform agar thickness
  • Excellent optical clarity is ideal for micro photography 
  • RNase/DNase free and non-pyrogenic 
  • Designed for various laboratory purposes


Dimensions 90 x 15mm 90 x 20mm 150 x 20mm
Internal Dimensions (D x H) 85.9 x 12.6mm 86.2 x 12.6mm 138.5 x 15.4mm
Growth Area 57.5 cm2  57.5 cm2  148 cm2
 Sections Undivided    


ES41043 10/sleeve, 500/case 
ES41133 20/sleeve, 200/case
ES41183 10/sleeve, 120/case

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Cat #: ES41043 Description: Petri Dish, PS, 90 x 15mm, Sterile Pack: 500/case Price: $149.54 Add to Quote:
Cat #: ES41133 Description: Petri Dish, PS, 90 x 20mm, Sterile Pack: 200/case Price: $91.74 Add to Quote:
Cat #: ES41183 Description: Petri Dish, PS, 150 x 20mm, Sterile Pack: 120/case Price: $135.39 Add to Quote: