Platinum Strfr Adhesive Slides, 90 Deg Clip-Crnr, Yel

These slides are guaranteed to have exceptional clarity and cleanliness. Packaged in thick foil to protect from humidity even in very warm climates. Packed 72/box, 20 boxes per case.

arrow10Platinum Line Starfrost Color-Coded Slides
Platinum Line Slide, 90° Straight Edge, Blue Platinum Line Slide, 45° Beveled Edge, Blue Platinum Line Starfrost Slide, 90° Clipped Corners, Blue
71887-37 71887-61 71887-73

Available with:
90° straight edges,
45° beveled edges, or
90° clipped corners.

Available in a variety of colors.

SKU: 71887-122
Pack: 10 x 144 Pack
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