Portable Vacu-Vises

With a rubber suction base; you just flick off the Vacu-lever and the Vacu-vise firmly fastens to any clean, smooth surface. When you lift the Vacu-lever up , the Vacu-vise is released.

arrow101) Multi-Angle Swivel Vacu-vise

Can be tilted on any desired angle. Swivels 360°. 3" metal jaws and it is supplied with a slide-on rubber to hold delicate objects; opens up to 2 5/8"; 6¼" triangle base.

Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 62068 Description: Multi-Angle Vacu-Vise Pack: Each Price: $65.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 62069 Description: Slip-On Rubber Jaws Pack: Pair Price: $6.50 Add to Quote: