ProPette LE™️ 8-Channel Pipette 1.0-10µl

Designed for comfort, built for accuracy

Ideal for all 96 well applications, the new Propette™ LE Multi-Channel Pipettes are lightweight, rugged, and stand up to the demands of everyday use in a busy laboratory environment. Five overlapping volume options are optimized for maximum precision throughout the 1 to 300µl usable range.

  • Full Volume Range (1.0µl - 300µl)
    • Ten models with overlapping variable volume ranges (five 8-channel and five 12-channel) are available, for maximum precision at every conceivable volume up to 300µl. The micrometer is infinitely adjustable to increments as small as 0.02µl (10µl, 20µl, 50µl models).
  • Compatible with Standard Tips
    • All ProPette LE™ Multi-Channel Pipettes are compatible with standard 10µl (including extended length), 200µl and 300µl tips, as well as all standard filter tips. Precision designed pipette shafts/cones ensure easy loading and a leak-proof fit.
  • Outstanding User Comfort
    • Each manifold is rotatable and has an integral "dynamic stepped injection" feature which expels tips two at a time, in undetectable micro-increments, reducing the force required to eject all 8 or 12 tips. The ejector button has also been carefully designed in an ergonomically contoured shape, minimizing pressure on the thumb.
  • Superior Accuracy and Reproducibility
    • The finely polished stainless piston and chemically resistant, maintenance-free seals provide unsurpassed accuracy. The air-jacketed handle protects the micrometer mechanism from the inaccuracies that can be caused by thermal expansion. This enhances continued pipetting precision even after prolonged use.
  • Adjustable with Roto-Lock™
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • FREE Calibration Tool with each ProPette
Vol. Range Increment Accuracy Reproducibility
1.0 - 10µl 0.02µl ±8.0 - 2.0% ≤6.00 - 1.20%
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