Propette™ Manual Pipette Controller w/Filter

ProPette™ MPC is the high precision manual pipette controller that's always ready to use. After attaching a pipette, one squeeze of it's large rubber filling bulb is all it takes to start pipetting – there are no wires, no tubing and no battery to recharge. Begin aspirating by touching the EZ-Flow™ lever. It precisely controls the filling speed, based on how gently or firmly you press the lever. A built in replaceable filter ensures optimum flow rate and protects the controller from liquid penetration and over-fill. A separate button provides a positive blow-out function when required. Made to accept pipettes from 0.1 ml to 100 ml, the silicone "chuck" adapter is flexible, completely autoclavable, and will accommodate all types of serological, "blow-out", "to deliver", glass and plastic pipettes.

  • For glass or plastic pipettes
  • Accommodates pipettes up to 100 ml
  • Easy, single lever control
  • Autoclavable lower body
  • Fingertip speed control
SKU: 70979
Pack: Each