ProScope Micro Mobile for SmartPhones

The Proscope Micro Mobile

ProScope Micro Mobile, the world's first handheld digital microscope, is now adaptable to mobile devices.

The first professional mobile microscope for our mobile device world. The new ProScope Micro Mobile uses custom coated glass optics to work with your onboard camera and provide superb quality images up to 80X. Built-in LEDs adjust to reduce reflection and are powered by a sleek rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours continuous use. Made with impact resistant Nylon and ABS for years of field, lab, classroom and exam room use.


  • 20X to 80X magnification via Edmund pro level glass optics (specially coated lenses for better image quality and color reproduction).
  • Adjustable LEDs to reduce surface reflection and powered by a sleek onboard Lithium Ion battery for 5 hours of continuous use.
  • USB charging cable to recharge to full capacity in 2 hours.
  • Built in desktop stand for hands free use.
  • Made with impact resistant nylon and ABS for years of field operation.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Made in Oregon, USA.


  • Field scientists can examine specimens on site without destroying them in transit to the lab
  • Doctors can show patients images and add them into practice management apps and software
  • Crime scene investigators can send images from the device to a colleague in the lab or to a collaborative agency

There are adapters for use with other camera-equipped smart phones and tablets. ProScope Micro Mobile is sold in a multi-device case which accommodates multiples SmartPhone models, and is also sold in popular kits specific to a device. See tables below for product specifications and comparisons.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Multiple iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Google devices - see individual products below. Also works with other camera-equipped smartphones and tablets (additional adapters may be required).
Lens Options 20-80x lens
Digital Zoom Magnification Range of 20x to 80x
Precision glass optics for sharp image detail and accurate color reproduction
Buttons and Switches Light Switch A/B
A: 6 LEDs
B: 6 LEDs
Rocker Switch
Increases/Decreases LED intensity
Rocker Switch - Center Button
Turns LEDs and charging circuit ON/OFF
LEDs 12 White LEDs
6 illuminated in A switch position
6 illuminated in B switch position (for use with optional polarizing filter)
Indicator LED Indicates battery charge status
While Charging:
<20% = Blinking Red
<50% = Blinking Yellow
<99% = Blinking Green
100% = Solid Green
While operating:
<20% = Solid Red
<50% = Solid Yellow
<=100% = Solid Green
Ports USB MiniB (F)
For connecting USB cable to charge internal battery
Power Rechargeable Internal Lithium-ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 340mAh
Continuous operation at full LED intensity, approx 5 hour


  • ProScope Microscope lens attachment
  • 20-80x magnification
  • Edmund glass optics
  • LED illumination – 2 banks of 6
  • Internal battery for up to 5 hrs continuous use
  • Adjustable sleeve design
  • Fits all smart phones 2.65-4" wide
  • Works with iPhone 6s/6s Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8Plus, X, 11
  • Works with most Samsung and Google SmartPhones
  • Case can be left on SmartPhone during operation
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