PTFE Printed Slide 12 Well, 5mm

PTFE Printed Slides, are extremely hydrophobic, acetone proof, chemical resistant and autoclavable. They are perfect for controlling cross-contamination in staining, immunolabeling and immunofluorescence tests. All printed slides are precleaned. The well surface is 100% wettable, which enhances cell attachment and increases its spreading capabilities within the well. These slides minimize the use of expensive purified antigens and antibodies. The slides measure 3 x 1" (76 x 26 x 1 mm).

EMS Printed Slides are manufactured to order offering maximum shelf life. The shelf life of PTFE Printed Slides range from 18 months to two years. However, it is recommended that all glass slides (Printed or un-printed) be used in a timely manner to avoid glass "weathering", (slides becoming cloudy or hazy even with proper storage. All of our Printed Slides are autoclavable and have a frosted end. They are intended for one time use only.


  • Super Hydrophobic Mask
  • Clean, Wettable Wells
  • A Bioadhesive Surface Treatment to Enhance Cell and Tissue Attachment

Twelve round wells, hydrophobic, Measures: 3x1" (76x26x1mm).

SKU: 63425-05
Pack: 72 Pack
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Shelf Life 24 months
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